6 Week Body Transformation Challenge

Welcome to the 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge, where real people with real goals, get real results.

Your success is my success. Your failure is my failure. The premise behind The 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge is to provide an intensive fitness & nutrition program, that will truly change your physique in minimal time, and holds the individual accountable across social media to friends, family, and colleauges. If there is one thing we have learned, people in general are far more motivated to achieve when they are being watched.

This intensive 6 week body transformation challenge requires grit, determination, a willingness to succeed, and acceptance that your peers will be right there supporting you on this Journey. Now, we understand that this kind of coverage is not for everyone, and you can still partake in the intensive 6 week program without the added social media… but we can guarantee better results when you hold yourself accountable.  For other BodyTech services, besides the 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge, click here.


There are enough before and after photos out there showing incredible physical transformations, but very few guidelines on how to achieve these results yourselves.

jack before afterAs a result, I conducted my own 6 week body transformation and completed a 6 part blog that covers everything you need to know, from: defining goals; determining motivational triggers to keep you focused; how and what to eat; how, when and how hard you need to train; interesting health and fitness hacks.

If this is your first time here, please take a moment to check out the blog.

The 6 week challenge is open to anyone who is willing to put in the effort and completely transform their lives. We will help individuals or a small group (no more than four), achieve their ultimate physique, in 6 weeks.


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For our most recent 6 Week Body Transformation Success, please read on.

The Contender



Alex Burley

Male, Age 32

Weight: 92kg

Body Fat: 19%

Goal: ‘Get my young physique back before my wedding in 7 weeks. I want to look my best for my wife-to-be.’



Alex is a ‘white collar’ and spends most of his days stuck to a desk, which means little moving around and a largely sedentary lifestlye 9-5.

Fortunately Alex is very active. He plays touch rugby twice per week, attends morning bootcamp and is currently prepping for the city to surf which includes one medium distance run per week. His fitness and strength levels are well above average in some areas, but nothing less than on par for others.

burls testing

Alex’s only downfall is his nutrition and lack of resistance training (weights). He isn’t a glutton but tends to overeat and loves a few beers and pub meal with the boys.

What is going to change?

Alex is going to start a strict nutritional regime, removing all the crap that is so prevalent in most of our diets. Monday – Friday means no starchy carbs, dairy, sugar, fruit. So what does that leave him with?? an abundance of lean proteins, salads, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

He is also going to start 4 days a week with me, doing weights training. A far more effective method of cutting up than cardio based options. Touch season has finished and he runs the city to surf next Saturday, which will free up his time for these intense sessions.

The good news is, similarly to my regime, he can have his weekends off. thats eat and drink what you want (within reason) and relax (no training).

thats all for now folks. Stay tuned on our facebook page (bodytechptsydney) for daily training and nutrition updates.

Week 1


  • 1-3 weeks beginner training program
  • 8-12 rep range (aim for 10 reps at failure)
  • tempo = controlled 1-0-3-0
  • rest per set 45-60 seconds


  • eat 3 main meals per day (protein and veg)
  • eat 3 snacks per day (protein only)
  • Use the ‘hand indicator’ to determine your portion estimates
    • open palm (minus fingers) = protein portion
    • 2-3 closed fist (to wrist) = vegetable/salad portion
  • Metamucil before each main meal
  • Fish oil with breakfast and dinner (500mg each)


Day 1Food day 2Day 3Food4Food5Day6Chest day

Week 1 recap

3kg in his first 7 days – incredible effort big fella – and here is how he did it.

Alex recaps:

The first week was not as hard as thought it would be. The training is certainly hard, extremely intense, and hurts a lot at the time and for days after. But on a positive it only lasts a short time and never becomes overbearing. In some ways this is probably easier than intense cardio running sessions. This week I did all training in the afternoons, will see how I handle it with added morning cardio sessions next week.

 The diet part is certainly difficult, but after a few days I think perhaps my stomach started to shrink and things became easier. It’s pretty hard after a massive training session to have only a small dinner but it can be done with some will power, especially when you know that you have a cheat day in the not too distant future. What I have noticed from a diet sense is that even on my cheat days now I’m very particular about what I’m willing to eat. If I’m going to blow out it might as well be on a quality meal at a restaurant, not some cheap fast food. I did blow out on Friday night, had wine and chocolate, which I think will end up being the hardest part for me as I love drinking on Friday nights. That being said I’m pretty happy with 3kgs in a week. And I feel great too.

Jack recaps:

After fitness testing and measurements were taken 10 days ago (Thursday 31st, July), Alex was allowed until Sunday to get his affairs in order before embarking on this six week program.

Alex did everything properly right from the get go.

Firstly he did all his shopping for the week and prepped the majority of his meals and snacks. This was extremely important so he didn’t skip meals, knew what to eat, and was much less likely to ‘graze’ on junk food. However, he did make a few small mistakes throughout the week with his food, having some sugared cashews and chocolate on Friday night (Don’t recall Friday being a cheat day burls??). But in his defence – he made some drastic changes to his regular diet and to only muck up here is a commendable effort.

For week 1 nutritional efforts he gets a 7/10. some smaller changes to meals needs to be made, and too many snacks were missed out on.

The training side of things could not be faltered. Alex came to each and and every session ready to give 110%, and 110% is what he gave. HIs body was put under a completely new regime and the DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) he experienced was out of this world. Nevertheless he pushed through, gave it his all, and even got a few prep runs in for the city to surf -which by the way went extremely well. Alex ran a PB and will be running in the ‘elite’ runners group next year – so massive congrats mate.

For week 1 training Alex gets a score of 8/10. This has only been marked down as he is a few sessions off building his stamina to a level needed to get the most from his training.

Yesterday Alex had his main cheat day and earned the copious number of beers he consumed in celebration of a great run and a drop in 3kg in 7 days.

Monday it is back to business as usual.

Stay tuned for week 2

Week 2




3x Bench press + 1 drop set

3x Incline DB Supermans + 1 drop set

3x Arnold presses + 1 drop set

3x military presses

2x flyes/lateral raises (15 reps)


5x wide grip chins

4x closed grip/ decline crunches

4x kettlebell single arm rows

2x Trx reverse flyes/ decline crunches


5x barbell squats

5x deadlifts

4x DB lunges



SUNDAY Sprints n abs

Treadmill hill sprints

incline 15 max effort 45s/30s rest

incline 14 max effort 45s/30s rest

incline 13 max effort 45s/30s rest

*continue by dropping the incline by 1 at each rest. From incline 5-0 change sprint time to 60s/35s rest.



8am 1/4 avo, tomato, one egg

10.30 handful cashews

1.30 Chicken veg soup

2.30 Handful cashews

6pm Chicken veg soup


8am 1/2 avo,tomato

10.30 big handful cashews

1.30 Chicken veg soup

2.30 Handful cashews

8pm turkey salad, small 1/2 bowl spinach soup


7am 1/2 avo can tuna

10.30 big handful cashews

1.30 Turkey salad hummus dressing

4.45 Protein shake

7.30 Thai beef salad, small portion brown rice


7am 1/4 avo, tomato, can tuna

10.30 big handful cashews

1.30 Chicken veg soup

4.45 Protein shake

7.30 Cajun/lime chicken veg stir fry


7am Guoc, two poached eggs, tomato, one sausage

11.50 Protein Shake

1.30 Meat Balls, Greek salad no feta

4.45 Protein shake

6.30 Cheat meal


Cheat day! many beers, burgers and Bledisloe


Protein only/low calorie day 

12.30pm 2 eggs, turkey breast

3pm can of tuna in spring water

7pm 1/3rd roast chicken

Week 2 recap

Take off another 1.2kg for week 2. Total weight loss 4.2kg in 2 weeks. Keep it rolling Burls.

Alex recaps:

I found this week a little easier on the diet. I guess I’m just getting used to it. Don’t get me wrong, on Friday all I could think about was delicious bread and I satisfied that craving at a dinner on one of my cheat meals. I’m actually liking all the fresh salads and soups. I think I need to tweak it a little to improve weight loss, but I’m still pretty happy with the results.

photo 1I’m starting to tone up a bit which is great. From a training perspective it was totally fine. My legs were very sore from city to surf so I didn’t do any training outside of the sessions with Jack. Personally I found dead lifts very hard. This coming week I will be doing some extra training in the mornings.

Jack recaps:

Once again Alex put in one hell of an effort in the gym. His total weight loss of 1.2kg is excellent. Keep in mind that some of his weight loss in week 1 was water weight. Moving forward the scales will more accurately reflect body fat loss – and hence the reason the amount of weight lost in week 2 is substantially less than week 1.

Alex is looking tighter and his jeans are looser. His fiancé says she is seeing a difference to. All of this is spurring Alex to really push himself both in the gym and the kitchen.

Alex was on top of his nutrition last week and had a nice big blowout on Saturday.. a well deserved blowout no doubt. That said, we do want to push his fat loss that little bit further, so Sunday was a low calorie, protein only day to fast track him back into fat burning mode, and some minor tweaks are being made to his nutrition. For example, cashews will be replaced with a lower fat, lower calorie option.

For week 2 nutritional efforts he gets a 8.5/10Alex cruised through this week. After getting through the first week he has a much better idea of how, what and when to eat. His body has adapted to the plan and it’s much easier for him. Some minor tweaks still to be made.

For week 2 training Alex gets a score of 9/10. Alex is markedly stronger than week 1, improved stamina, and went as hard as he possibly could. Alex hasn’t trained legs for a few years so it was an introductory session where we spent quite a bit of time mastering the art of deadlifts. He will be in full swing within another week I think.

Week 3



2x TUT DB chest press 17.5

2x TUT incline rotation presses 12.5

2x DB single arm Swiss ball presses 17.5

3x DB flyes 8/push ups fatigue circuit

TUT = Time Under Tension and requires you to find a suitable weight that will allow you to perform ultra slow reps (5s concentric/5s eccentric) >60s < 90s. Feel the heaviest burn of your life! TUT will get its own blog in the coming weeks and is a massively effective training technique.


5x wide grip chins

5x closed grip chins

5x DB single arm bent row

5x BB bent row


3x DB squat

4x DB static lunges

3x DB step ups (DB held @ shoulder height) 

3x BB deadlifts

THURSDAY Shoulders

5x Continuos Circuit

DB Shoulder press x 12

DB Lateral raises x 12

DB Arnold presses x 12

DB Front raises x 12

DB Rear delt raises x 12

Rest 2 mins

3x superset

BB high pulls 15

BB military press 15



Treadmill hill sprints

incline 15 max sprint to 100% MHR (Max Heart Rate), recover to 60% MHR

incline 14 max sprint 100% MHR, recover to 60% MHR

incline 13 max sprint 100% MHR, recover to 60% MHR

*continue by dropping the incline by 1 at each rest until incline of 9. Then 9 max sprint efforts.





8.20 One egg, two slices turkey, tomato, 1/4 avo

11.10 can of Tuna

1.30 Lentil soup, piece of bread (carbicide)

7.30 1/2 Eggplant stuffed with Bol, salad


8.20 two slices turkey, tomato, 1/4 avo, can of tuna

11am can of tuna

1.30 large Tuna Salad hommus dressing

4.30 Protein shake

8pm 1/2 Half capsicum stuffed with Bol, salad hommus lemon dressing


8.00 one egg, tomato, 1/4 Avo

11am can of tuna

1.30 large Tuna Salad hummus dressing

4.30 Protein shake

8pm lean Pork meatballs, napolitana sauce and eggplant – Glass of Red



8.00 one egg, tomato, 1/4 Avo

11am can of tuna

1.30 large Tuna Salad hummus dressing

4.30 Protein shake

8pm Steak steamed veg salad, one beer, three glasses red


8.00 two eggs, two slices turkey

12pm small handful dry roast cashews (12% carbs).

1.30: Chicken soup

4.30 Protein shake

8pm Cheat meal


10.30am Guoc, tomato basil, two eggs, 2 slices turkey

1.30 can of tuna

5pm steak, salad, steamed veg.

6 beers, 4 vodka sodas


9.30am Baked eggs with tomato salsa and 1 flat white,

1pm Calamari and salad

7pm hommus and carrots

8pm Popcorn/chocolate

Week 3 recap

Here we are at the halfway mark and 3 weeks of 6 have been completed . It is time to weigh in, take measurements, photos and see how the big man is progressing.

imageIMG_9035 copyAlex recaps:

We stepped it up this week in training. To be honest I’ve been sore all over. But it actually feels good. Like the pain means I know I’m working hard.

I put in max effort in every session, hoping it will help more with the weight loss. From I diet point of view I was good this week, but let myself down with some drinking sessions which might have put me back a step. I plan to really focus for the next three weeks to get the best results possible. The changes I can see and feel are really motivating me to go harder.

Jack recaps:

So, Burls has reduced his weight by 4.3kg. his body fat is down almost 3% -an incredible feat, and a crushing blow to his beer belly.

So in the last three weeks burls has started training with weights properly for the first time in years. His stamina has improved tenfold and it’s going to be great to see the intensity of his training get to full steam. His strength had improved markedly too. For training a solid 9.5/10 has been awarded for his efforts.

Next week we will be phasing into strength training, increasing the weight and lowering the reps.. His body is adapting quickly to the medium rep range and it is necessary to keep his muscles guessing and put them under a new stimuli, promoting growth.

You’ll notice a considerable change in his before/after photos, specifically a nice reduction of body fat around the waist and general tightening all over.

His nutrition this week was near perfect, except for the midweek glasses of red and beer!! tis tis. In Alex’s defence this is a lifestyle program and life is going to throw you some social curve balls. It would have been difficult for him to keep away from any alcohol during these catch ups, but I commend him on his efforts to make amends via his food choices.

Cashews were the other only thing I needed to single out. He is tightening up his nutrition going into the final half. This week Alex gets 7.5/10 for his nutrition. He knows why. A few tweaks and it will be a 10/10

Week 4


  • Week 4-5 strength phase (microcycle 2)
  • 3-7 rep range (aim for 5 reps at failure)
  • tempo = explosive/controlled 1-0-3-0
  • rest per set 90-120 seconds

weeks 1-3 was all about introducing Alex back into resistance training. We went straight into a hypertrophy stage (muscle building) so as not to ‘scare’ his muscles too much and induce some growth.

However like anyone, we don’t want to hit a training plateau. it’s time to change up the training program and keep the muscles guessing.

Our second microcycle (weeks 4 & 5) consists of a strength training module and required a big step up in weight, whilst reducing reps and increasing rest time.

I have implemented a classic strength program design of 5setsx 5 reps for the first week of strength training. 


  • In addition to the nutrition plan Alex has followed until now, we will be introducing some starchy carbs.
  • Starchy carbs are in the form of oats (not instant), brown rice, and sweet potato ONLY.
  • These carbs should be consumed within an hour of a heavy training session when glycogen stores (glucose stores in the muscle) are all but depleted. The body is starving for carbs and this ‘metabolic window’ just after training is the perfect time to consume them. Your body doesn’t need to produce as much insulin to process the glucose during this window.
  • This is also known as carb targeting.




30 minutes of light cardio on the stationary bike. 65% max effort


5x DB chest press

5x DB incline chest press

5x DB incline supermans

5x DB flyes


Warm up:

1km jog

65% hill jog

75% hill run

85% hill sprint


20 Minutes of hill sprints. 100m hill sprint at 100% max effort. You should have nothing left by the time you hit that 100m. Walk it off and start again. Complete as many as you can in 20 minutes


light jog and 10 minutes of lower body dynamic stretching


5x wide grip chins

5x closed grip chins

5x BB single arm row (yes barbell)

5x inverted row


5x BB squats

5x BB deads

2x BB jack squats

5x leg press


8am One egg, can tuna

11am handful almonds

1.30 Chicken & vegetable soup

5pm baby corn with hummus

7pm lamb and steamed vegetables

TUESDAY (sick)

10.30am One egg, 1/4 avo, 1/2 tomato

1.30pm chicken veg noodle soup

4pm Can of tuna

8pm Lamb Meatballs and Zuchini, tomato, onion


8am One egg, 1/4 avo, 1/2 tomato

11am handful of almonds

2pm chicken veg noodle soup

4pm Three meatballs with tomato salsa

8.15 Salmon & Vegies, red curry sauce.


8am One egg, 1/4 avo, 1/2 tomato

11am can of tuna

2pm Meatball and salad

4pm handful of almonds

8pm Poached chicken salad


8am One egg, 1/4 avo, capsicum

11am can of tuna

2pm Meatball and salad

4pm meatball with tomato salsa

8pm Thai beef salad


cheat day


12pm baked eggs & tomato onion, brown bread

4pm popcorn

7pm pumpkin and chicken soup

Week 4 recap

Poor old Burls was hit hard with this flu that’s going around. Still managed to lose over another kg though!

burls chinupAlex recaps:

Last week was tough. I had a mild bought of the flu which stopped me from training early in the week. But because I’m eating so well, and my fitness has improved, I got over it very quickly. Was back in action by Wednesday arvo. I was generally good with food and was very happy to lose weight even though I trained much less. The end is almost here – I’m looking forward to a burger at the end of this!

Jack recaps:

The poor guy was struck with the flu this week. I made sure he was filling up on nutrient dense soups, salads and so forth to knock it on the head ASAP. This meant 3 days off training to recoup. Alex insisted on doing something, so Wednesday was a light cardio session.

By Thursday the Burlivator was back in action and training started again. We pushed him straight into a strength phase and put his muscles under a completely new stimuli, to promote some fresh growth.

He is showing some incredible strength gains since starting only 4 weeks ago. Believe it or not but Alex lost more weight this week… another 1.1kg to be precise. He now sits at 86.5kg, down from 92.5kg at the start.

This week Alex gets 9.5/10 for his nutrition. When you’re sick, the last thing you feel like doing is eating clean. Going for the comfort food is the easiest and most pleasant option. Not Burls, He made sure he nourished his body and kept as clean as possible. Excellent work old chap.

Alex also gets 9.5/10 for his training. We stepped it up and really increased the weight. His strength across the board is coming along in leaps and bounds, and some very impressive self motivation to get those last reps out.

we are 10 days off the completion of the 6 week transformation, his final weigh in, and most importantly the before and after shots.

Stay tuned.

Week 5


MONDAY shoulders

5x BB Cleans

5x BB Clean & Press

5x Military Press

5X Arnold Presses

5x Lateral Raises/Front Raises (superset)





SATURDAY chest & Legs superset

5x DB chest press (5reps)/BB Deadifts (12-15reps)

5x DB incline press (5reps)/BB Deadlifts (8-12 reps)

5x DB Supermans (5reps)/BB Squats (8-12 reps)

5x Db incline rotational presses (5 reps)/BB Squats (6-8 reps)

5x bike sprint: 60s max effort/60s rest

SUNDAY back n abs

5x wide grip chins (3-6 reps)/ Swiss ball crunches (30 reps)

5x closed grip chins (3-6 reps)/band crunches (20reps)

5x BB single arm row (5-8 reps)/hanging leg raises (1o reps)

5x inverted TRX row (fatigue set)

4x Rower sprints: 200m max effort/35 sec rest



7.45 1/4 avo, tomato,  two eggs

11am can tuna

1pm Tuna Salad

4pm almonds

7pm chicken soup w/ some lentils


7.45 1/4 avo, tomato, spring onion, one egg

11am two meatballs

1.30pm Tuna Salad

4pm Tuna

7.30 Turkey meatballs, Zuchini tomato onion, two spoons brown rice


9am can of tuna, handful of almonds

12pm two turkey meatballs

2pm Tuna Salad hommus dressing

4pm Handful almonds

7.30pm Cajun chicken lime juice veg stir fry – two spoons brown rice.


8am egg, 1/4 avo, tomato

12pm can tuna

1pm – doctors/bed

5pm Can tuna, handful of almonds

7.45 eggplant with bol, salad


8am egg, 1/4 avo, tomato

12pm can tuna

1pm – tuna salad

5pm tuna

7.30 – out to dinner, calamari, salad, pasta!!!


10.30am egg avo mushroom

2pm chicken salad

5pm tuna

7.30pm roast chicken broccoli, cauliflower


12pm baked eggs tomato onion

5pm tuna and almonds

7.30pm Thai beef salad

Week 5 recap

Another week, and an ongoing bout of the flu: but when we did train we went all out. Oh and happy birthday Alex Burley!

Alex recaps

I managed to get sick again this week, through no fault of the program. I had a bad reaction to a yellow fever vaccine, unusual but possible. Could not train as I had a headache, fever and flu like symptoms for most of the week. Annoying, but that’s just life sometimes. I managed to stay quite good with food over the week, no drinking, and clean. Come Sat and Sun I was back and jack absolutely punished me in the sessions. I probably won’t have lost heaps of weight over this period with no training but hopefully there was still some loss. Did not weight in on Thursday so will find out this week! It’s almost over…

Jack recaps:

Alex and I completed a solid strength session on shoulders, and it made up somewhat for lost time the previous week due to illness. That was Monday.


HIIT on the rower


200m max effort 35 seconds rest repeat 5 x

Tue, Wed, Thurs and Fri unfortunately were cancelled due to a reboot of the previous weeks flu.

We basically had 8 days of the last 14 days off, which at this late stage in the game is going to hurt his progress quite a bit. He is still going to come out of this looking great but not nearly as good as he could have had we got all our training sessions in.

That said, we got some heavy training in on Saturday and Sunday and I had to make sure they were hard enough to make up for lost time. The big man really did deliver in these sessions. On Saturday we combined a chest and legs day leaving burls physically exhausted… but the session wasn’t over until we completed some leg shattering bike intervals. The session lasted over 70 minutes with very little rest.. constantly moving, constantly working. The same can be said about Sunday with a back, abs, and HIIT focus.

Whilst we couldn’t get in all the required sessions, Burls put in 100% when he could and for that he gets a 9.5/10 for his training.

Similarly, like last week Alex really stuck to his guns from a nutrition perspective despite being sick. I think we can all agree that the first thing you want to do when feeling sick is eat comfort food. So I give Alex a commendable 9.5/10 for his nutrition.

Time has flown and we only have 3 days of training left until the 6 weeks is complete.

It’s almost time for photos, measurements, and re-testing of fitness levels. You’ve done an incredible job up until now mate, and I am very proud of your efforts.

I hope you enjoy your bucks party this weekend.. you’ve definitely earned it

Week 6

Finals: Week 6

Well this six weeks has flown, similarly to that of Alex’s body-fat. Some highs, some lows, too many sick days but a huge effort from Burls and an incredible transformation.

Jack recaps:

6 week training Summary

The end has finally arrived and boy did it go quickly. Despite some unfortunate hiccups Burls put in a stellar effort and the big marn is looking good!

Before we go into his measurements, fitness level changes, and the all-important photos, lets recap on the last 6 weeks.

Alex came into this 6-week program with a plan in mind: To lose as much body fat as he possibly could before getting married to the love of his life. I hope she is happy with the final result 🙂 A big congrats to you both, and I wish you all the best for your future together.

Prior to this challenge Alex had an above average fitness level, thanks largely to his commitment to: training for the City to Surf, morning boot camps twice per week, and touch footy. Alex came in weighing 92kg and 19% body fat. This is a very commendable body composition for a male of Alex’s age. But Alex wanted more.

In order to achieve this goal (this goes for everyone, male or female), a few things needed to change.

Firstly, Alex’s nutrition wasn’t crash hot and whilst he wasn’t any glutton, some drastic changes were in order. We changed his diet from a high carb one, to a high protein one. The majority of us simply eat too many starchy carbs which wreak havoc on our digestive systems and are far too energy dense if you want to rip up. We removed 90% of his starchy carbs and replaced them with an abundance of fibrous carbs (vegetables). This meant he was getting a whole lot more nutrients than usual, and began utilising his body’s natural energy stores (fat). He was allowed starchy carbs at specific times. Firstly on his cheat days (carb cycling) and directly after a heavy workout (carb targeting). You can read up more on this in one of my future blogs. Alex will be the first to tell you this was a very difficult change, but within 4 days he was feeling more focused and had more energy. Ill admit it’s still difficult with all the temptation out there, but with some preparation and forming good habits, it is possible. And believe me, once you start seeing results it becomes sooo much easier.

Secondly, Alex was doing plenty of cardio-based work but zero resistance training. In order to create some serious physical changes he would have to undergo a demanding combination of weights training and HIIT. Resistance training and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) are far superior to any cardio or circuit based work if you want to morph your body. Don’t get me wrong, cardio most definitely has its place and is excellent for your cardiovascular health, but when the goal is to get as lean as possible, then it is not the ‘go-to’ style of exercise.

Alex was put through three different microcycles (different training patterns and loads) over the 6 weeks. This was to maximise muscle response and growth. We trained a minimum of 4 times a week, preferably 5 times. When looking at rep ranges (eg 8-12), keep in mind the idea was to fatigue or ‘fail’ before the final rep in that specific target range (eg no more than 12 reps should be achievable, preferably 10).

One extra day was reserved for HIIT training, usually in the form of max effort hill sprints for 20 minutes (with rest between sprints included into this 20 minutes)

Feel free to look back over the previous weeks training and gain a better understanding of how these microcycles work.

Moving forward, Alex had an unfortunate bout of sickness coming into the final two weeks and we missed 10 days of training! Having built up his stamina and strength over the first 3-4 weeks, these last weeks were his chance to really start hitting the weights, promote some extra muscle growth and accelerate body fat burn. Unfortunately what was meant to be the most productive period of the regime and induce the best physiological response turned out to be quite the opposite.

burls before after collage writing small copy


Had we been able to train to his full potential the results would have been even greater than than they were, despite the fact Alex finished extremely well. So after everything Alex dropped a total of 8kg in 6 weeks, more than 1.2kg of body fat per week! His body fat dropped from 19% to 14.1% – a miraculous effort given so much training was lost.

burls testing comparisonYou’ll notice Alex’s fitness test results at the beginning and the end. I have also shown a percentage for strength improvement. He has absolutely smashed his initial test efforts. One test that really doesn’t reflect the improvement is his rowing effort. Firstly, we didn’t spend too much time on this, and to pullout a 1minute 32 second row for 500m is an outstanding effort. For any non elite athlete that would put Alex in the top 10%. So well done champion!

Now it is simply a matter of Alex sticking to his guns. He really started enjoying the weights and HIIT and whilst the nutrition side of things was difficult, he can re-introduce those things like bread, pasta, rice, even chocolate – but within reason. Now its simply a game of maintaining and working hard in the gym.

Good work Mr Burley. A most triumphant effort on your part!

Alex recaps:

Firstly I’d like to thanks Jack for pushing me so hard across the period. There were times when I thought I was going to give in, but he managed to coach me through all the tough stages, especially when trying to eat well.

I really enjoyed the training side. There is something really satisfying about pushing yourself to be stronger, faster and fitter. Trying to be in the best shape you can is not just a 6 week goal but something I can take away for the rest of my life. I think it might have changed my views on fitness. I am going to train tonight and every day until the wedding hopefully.

burls measurements

The diet part was easily the hardest thing for me. There were times when all I could think about was a giant piece of delicious bread. But I realise that a large part, maybe 80% of the results, are down to what went into my stomach. If you want to lose weight, you have to eat correctly, and that means cutting out the carbs. It’s simple really; the results you get are down to how committed you are.

The results I did get, I’m really happy with. I got down to 84kgs, and increased my muscles a fair bit. When I left school I was 82kgs – so this is nearly my optimum weight. Before I did this program I was slightly unhappy with my body image. I was a bit overweight, but now I’m very happy. I’m slim, got some definition and I feel really fit. It’s a very positive change. My fiancé is also very happy!

I would definitely recommend Jack’s program to anyone who wants to be fit, look good, or be just generally be healthy. It will change you.


Alex Burley

6 Week Body Transformation Challenge

If you think you have it in you to take part in the next 6 Week Transformation Challenge simply email us info@bodytech.com.au and we will contact you.

This time around BodyTech is looking to transform 2-4 people under the guidance of one trainer, in a group training setting.

Our promise is:

  • Guaranteed results
  • Improve your physique
  • Improve your confidence, mood, and focus
  • Provide you with training and nutrition knowledge for life after the challenge
  • Motivation from your peers to be the best you can be
  • Happiness and a better way of life!