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Welcome to BodyTech Fitness and Weight Loss, providing fitness services to Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs residence.

We are all unique and different in many ways, and therefore we cannot assume that one exercise regime will benefit another. It would be fantastic to simply put on those joggers, go for a run, eat a salad, and presto – perfect weight goal achieved!!!

But our experiences tell us this simply just doesn’t work. In those rare cases that it does work for you, it’s almost impossible to keep the motivation and results constant, isn’t it? The days of cardio for weight loss are long gone, and in this day and age there are ways to not just lose weight more efficiently, but alter your physiological makeup so that you keep it off!

As each of us is unique, our physiological makeup largely determines how our bodies transform, but through a combined recipe of science, exercise and nutrition anyone, and we do mean ANYONE, can achieve the dream body they desire. With some well-defined goals, determination, and a whole lot of hard work you can drive this transformation and the results will be those worth looking in the mirror to see each day.

At BodyTech Fitness and Weight Loss, it is our duty and our passion to assist our clientele in achieving and surpassing their dreams through the highest level of personal training, fitness coaching, and weight loss coaching available. Nothing is more important to us than supporting your fitness and development and we have built our business based on the success of our programs.

The results to date speak for themselves. Our clients put their trust and faith in us to deliver the necessary results in the fastest possible timeframe and in the most enjoyable manner, and rightly so! There is a method to our madness and everything we do is specific to you, the individual. In order to determine your unique requirements we conduct a pre-screening and fitness testing session which allows us to build a program that is 100% tailored to your distinct needs.

Our passion and on-going commitment to helping you achieve your dreams is reflected in the calibre and experience of our personal trainers and fitness professionals. In order to provide you with a world class service, we ensure our trainers live and breathe fitness and are accredited to the highest possible standard through Fitness Australia. It is a prerequisite that all trainers continually undertake professional development and educational courses to ensure we are delivering a leading edge service to our customers. This includes, keeping up to date with the latest and greatest training techniques and cutting edge body science so that you are getting the best results in the quickest time frame.

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Location: Easts Rugby Club (Woollahra Golf Course)