At bodytech we have taken a fresh approach on traditional group training options like bootcamp and circuit training.

Traditionally, group training whilst affordable and fun, has many negatives. You are put through the same routine as everyone else and not training for your specific needs or goals. It’s impossible for any personal trainer to closely monitor each and every client and during these classes (with a diverse range of exercises) you run the very likely risk of injury. There also tends to be a huge gap in fitness levels which can be both intimidating and frustrating.

Bodytech’s specialised group training ensures that you are matched with people of similar fitness levels and you are learning technique and form as opposed to simply obeying orders. With our diverse range of classes, there is something for everyone.


Current classes available are:

  • Starter boxing (for those who have never partaken in boxing classes before)
  • Boxing (for those who are confident with their technique on both gloves and pads)
  • HIIT (high intensity interval training for ultimate fat burning. All fitness levels. Usually consisting of hill sprints, park sprints, stair sprints.)
  • Starter running club (for those who who struggle to run 5km)
  • Intermediate running club (for those who can run 5km-10km)
  • Elite running club (for seasoned runners looking to build their overall speed)
  • Starter exercise form (for the beginner who is completely new to training or not completely confident with your form. Main exercises that will be taught: squats, lunges, push-ups, hip-thrusts, crunches, plank, arm curls, and more.)
  • Advanced exercise form (for those confident with starter exercises and ready to tackle more advanced exercises, including: deadlifts, chin-ups, rows, lower abdominal exercises, advanced lunges, plyometrics)
  • Specialised training techniques (kettlebell, TRX, Cross-fit workshops for all fitness levels)
  • Nutrition workshops and BBQ’s (for anyone wanting to get there hands dirty, learn about the finer details of good nutrition and sample some recipes whilst having a bit of fun)


  • Eastern Suburbs, Sydney including:
    • Bondi Beach
    • Bondi Junction
    • Centennial Park
    • Double Bay
    • Dover Heights
    • Edgecliff
    • Moore Park
    • Rushcutters Bay
    • Vaucluse
  • Private PT studio located in Bondi


  • Contact us to find out when the next specialised group session is taking place.
  • Please contact us via our contact details at the top of the page, or via the contact form to your right.

*Pricing varies considerably depending on a number of factors so please contact us for further information.