Online Personal Training

Online personal training is available for those who are confident with their exercise form and have the motivation to push themselves during their own sessions. If you simply need some direction with your training program, nutrition, and supplements, then BodyTech can help. Online personal training is a very affordable option also.

After a phone consultation you will be required to complete an extensive pre-screening questionnaire, after which we will prepare an individually tailored, four-week weight loss program, toning program, or muscle building program (dependent on your goals) and create a personalised nutrition guide based on your body type.

It is advised that every four weeks you have a 30 minute phone consultation with one of our highly knowledgeable  personal trainers to discuss your progress and prepare a new program for the next four weeks, and make any nutritional tweaks necessary. It is very important that your training regime changes every month so as not to fall into a training plateau and keep your body primed for growth.


We can help you in any of the following areas:

Weight loss



Muscle Gain

Please call us on 0426 383 825 or click here (redirect to contact us page) to enquire further about our online training option.