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Mums Bubs Group Fitness Eastern Suburbs was developed with new mums in mind, and we provide much more than group fitness. Our super-nanny(s) are on hand to look after your bub whilst you train. It’s all about you. We aim to help you de-stress, improve your confidence as a new mother, and get your pre-baby body back, all whilst in a fun & social setting. Please keep in mind, we do cater to all levels of fitness, and you don’t have to be a mum to join in on the fun!

postnatal-exercise-sydneyWe have children of our own and it is the most incredible, life changing experience ever! We wholeheartedly, without question, without expecting anything in return, give ourselves to these little angels. But… with this little bundle of joy comes some obvious life changes that cannot be controlled.  This can be trying on new parents, especially mums. This includes irregular sleeping patterns, sleep deprivation, complete loss of control of your life, and stress.

Mums Bubs Group Fitness Eastern Suburbs comes to the rescue. Our sessions give you a ‘time-out’ from your bub, and a fantastic workout in a fun and social setting with other like-minded mums. Our specially designed workouts will help you improve and repair all those little concerns associated with pregnancy, improve energy levels, happiness, and attentiveness.

We have recently dedicated a website to Fit Mamma. You can view it here, for a wider understanding of our unique service.

Here is a little something that you can get started on right away, in the comfort of your own home. click here to see our section on postnatal physical care.


Why choose us?

  • All weather training indoors or outdoors. We have a secure location at Easts Rugby Club, O’Sullivan Road, Bellevue Hill. There is plenty of parking. Your children are always safe from the elements inside the cosy center. As for you mum, if the weather is nice we train outside on the oval, otherwise inside training takes place. Winter or Summer, Rain, hail, or shine. This is a great place for you to train.
  • Flexible attendance and no contracts. We understand that its hard for you to commit to a particular session. You might have a sleepless night and not feel up to attending. Your bub might be really sick and its impossible to join. Therefore, we don’t lock you into a particular day. You can simply pick the day or days you wish to join. There is no contract in place but we do have substantial overheads and it takes us time for us to fill spots. For this reason we ask that you give us 3 weeks notice if you wish to stop.
  • This is about putting yourself first, for 1 hour! You deserve some ‘me-time’ and it is very important to give your mind a break from all the associated stresses of motherhood. We provide a super-nanny (or super-nanny’s – depending on the number of mums n bubs) to supervise your little one. If you already have supervision organised, you’re still more than welcome to join. This is an unofficial mums club filled with like-minded mums who have an appreciation for health and fitness.
  • Improve your wellbeing as well as your physical fitness.   Our highly personable, knowledgeable and motivational personal trainers are not only accredited in post-natal exercise but we also have little bubs of our own! We know exactly what you are experiencing at home, and have an exceptional understanding of your physical requirements. Whilst you will be training in a group, you are individually assessed and will receive personal attention during sessions. We ensure that you are not working too hard, or not hard enough!
  • We are a fitness mothers group. Build friendships with other mums, bounce ideas, experiences and thoughts off each other. Hold play dates and watch your children grow together. You are going to have fun, that’s a promise! When training finishes you can all go for a juice or a latte and continue the fun.
  • Start your own training group at a time and place that suits you. We have 3 set training sessions per week. If this doesn’t suit your schedule feel free to organise your own mum and bub team at a place and time suitable to you. This might be in a local park or your home. We require a minimum of 6 mums for classes to take place.
  • Specific nutrition for mums. As a new mother, you have specific nutritional requirements and this will vary from person to person. Are you breastfeeding? How many weeks since you gave birth? These questions and more will help determine the macronutrient breakdown and calorie intake you require .female-boxing-class-eastern-suburbs









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What, When & Where



  • Your first session is free and gives you a chance to try our unique approach to training mums. Click here to complete our new mums screening questionnaire to get your free session. This is a requirement before any new mum starts our program and gives us a detailed understanding of your specific requirements.
  • There is no lock in contract but sessions are paid in advance for 4 weeks. We do accept credit card and direct debit options are available.
  • We cater to any mum and her bub, however we don’t usually accept a new mum before she has her 6 week check up and gets the all clear to exercise. This is extremely important as your body has gone through some serious changes and needs time to correct itself post-birth.
  • Our set classes run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9.30am-10.30am. They take place inside Easts Rugby Club, O’Sullivan Road, Bellevue Hill. This time slot seems to be the most convenient time for new mums and gives you a chance to feed your baby, settle them and get to training.
  • There will be many more classes starting at different times and locations, please contact us for more information. If you have 6 mums ready to make up your own team, then not a problem. We can train at a time and place suitable to you. Contact us so we can discuss this in more detail.
  • Pricing starts at $22 per session (60 minutes). You dont need to pay any extra for the super-nanny or indoor location. thats on us.

Please contact us for more information, or go straight to our mums pre-screening questionnaire. We will be in touch within 24 hours.

And please visit our dedicated website for Fit Mamma’s.










In the meantime, check out our comprehensive list of ‘at-home’ exercises to help get your pre-baby body back safely and quickly.


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