Personal Small Group Training Eastern Suburbs

There seemed to be a gap in the fitness training arena. Until now you only had two options, ‘premium priced personal training’ or ‘stock standard, injury prone, group training’.

We thought, ‘why not combine the best of personal training and group training, and remove ALL the associated negatives.’ PSGT was born – Personal Small Group Training Eastern Suburbs.

small-group-exercise-rosebayPersonal Small Group Training Eastern Suburbs is a completely new and fresh take on personal training. It is simply, personal training within a small group. At a fraction of the cost of traditional personal training, PSGT is for everyone.

Sessions are completely personalised and tailored to your requirements and goals. You are monitored closely by one of our highly skilled personal trainers who will motivate you, push you beyond your limits and provide you with results you never thought possible.

small-group-training-bondiSessions are social and fun and are completed within a group of no more than six other like minded people of similar fitness levels. Click here for your free session.

How did we come up with PSGT?

Whilst personal training is highly personable and results driven, it is also costly and out of the price range for most individuals. On the other hand group training is affordable but very impersonal. Whether you participate in a circuit, bootcamp, or cross fit style session you are put through the same routine as everyone else and not training for your specific needs or goals. It’s impossible for the trainer to monitor you closely, your exercise form lacks and you run the very likely risk of injury. Finally, there tends to be a huge gap in fitness levels which can be intimidating for newcomers or frustrating for the more seasoned attendee.

PSGT takes away all the negatives of both personal training and group training and combines the best of both worlds:

  • extremely affordable – a fraction of the cost of PT
  • 1 on 1 training within a small group
  • personalised program (outside of PT sessions)
  • Tailored nutrition plan
  • Training specific to your core needs and goals
  • Max six people per session
  • Matched with similar fitness levels (starter/intermediate/elite)
  • Fun and social environment
  • Guaranteed results
  • Training progression into more advanced groups as fitness level increases

small-group-classes-bellevue-hilland most importantly, PSGT provides unrivalled attention to detail when it comes to you, the client. Through an in depth screening process specific to your goals, lifestyle, past injuries, likes/dislikes – a 6 week program is prepared and tirelessly overseen by Bodytech’s very own elite personal trainers. It’s sad to say, but it is rare to see trainers work off a program designed specifically for their clients, opting for the other method – whatever comes to mind at that point in time. Attention to detail is everything to us at Bodytech, whether it be with PSGT or any of our other services. We have a very in depth screening process so that we may deliver the absolute best service to you. Click here to get started right away, and get a free session!

What PSGT is not:

  • bootcamp – whereby you are thrown into dangerous drills, designed for heavy footed army lads.
  • circuit training – where you are completing a range of exercises in quick succession without any focus on exercise form, and in a group of hugely variable fitness levels.
  • group training – where you’re just another number in the pack completing non specific exercises, more than likely incorrectly, increasing your likelihood of injury.

We can help you in any of the following areas:

  • Weight loss
  • Toning
  • Sculpting
  • Muscle gain
  • Pre and post natal
  • Sports specific training
  • rehab


  • Easts Rugby Club, O’Sullivan Road, Bellevue HIll
    • Bondi Beach
    • Waverley Park
    • Centennial Park
    • Double Bay
    • Dover Heights
    • Rushcutters Bay



  • PSGT has a number of classes running every week.
  • Please contact us for more information.

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