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Would you like a free health and fitness assessment to see where your fitness level stands?

Register today for a free assessment valued at $150 at BodyTech Health & Fitness Eastern Suburbs.

The assessment includes:

  • Body measurements, weight and body fat %
  •  Strength test
  • Cardio test
  • flexibility test
  • summary evaluation


Personal Small Group Training Eastern Suburbs is a completely new and unique take on fitness training. 
It is simply: personal training within a small group, at a fraction of the cost of traditional personal training.

anyone can afford it!

How Personal Small Group Training was born

Whilst personal training is highly personable and results driven, it is also costly and out of the price range for most individuals.

On the other hand group training is affordable but very impersonal. Whether you participate in a circuit, bootcamp, or cross fit style session you are put through the same routine as everyone else and not training for your specific needs or goals. It’s impossible for the trainer to monitor you closely, your exercise form lacks and you run the very likely risk of injury.

Finally, there tends to be a huge gap in fitness levels which can be intimidating for newcomers or frustrating for the more seasoned attendee.

PSGT takes away all the negatives of both personal training and group training and combines the best of both worlds:

Extremely Affordable  a fraction of the cost of Personal Training

Sessions are completely personalised and tailored to your requirements and goals.

Sessions are social and fun and are completed within a group of no more than six other like-minded people of similar fitness levels.

Other benefits include:

Personalised program for training outside of sessions

Tailored nutritional advise to maximise your progress

Training progression into more advanced classes

Matched fitness levels with likeminded people


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 Terms & Conditions: Free Health & Fitness Assessments will be booked per availability of BodyTech personal trainers. BodyTech will endeavour to accommodate all participants but cannot guarantee that all applications will be met. Bookings are essential, via our ‘contact us’ at the top right of this page. Bookings will be made at a date, time and place suitable to BodyTech staff.