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So what do you know about supplements? Are they worth it?

It’s all in the wording.

‘Supplements’ are just that, a supplement and not a replacement to your daily nutritional needs.

Weight loss supplements and muscle gain supplements are there to enhance your training regime, whether you’re training to lose weight, get lean, rip those abs, put on lean muscle, whatever your goals may be….. supplements work. Fact!

There are so many brands out there how do I know which one to choose??

Supplements are not made equal. Some brands might claim they are the cheapest – but are likely to be of a very low quality and and not enhance your training and goals whatsoever. On the other hand, some brands are very expensive and promise the world – but rarely deliver.

Through years of experimenting with supplements and monitoring results, Sci-MX has proven to be very effective and we back the claims of quality and promises made by Sci-MX

But what supplements do I take??

Another daunting task you might face is the shear number of supplement on the market. It’s time consuming to research all the different supplements, how they work, and how the would benefit you.

We collaborated with Sci-MX to design specific supplement bundles to enhance your training regime, from weight loss to muscle gain. Everything is delivered free in one tidy bundle. Want to hear the best news though?? They have given us a huge discount when buying the bundle, a massive 25% off!

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