Online Personal Training Success Story

Online Personal Training Success Story

Online Personal Training success story. Tarrah Lukic. One of the biggest reasons for failure when it comes to people setting fitness goals, whether it be running a marathon, losing weight, whatever…. usually comes down to lack of knowledge, but more importantly lack of will, accountability and support. If you follow a simple, proven system (specifically tailored nutrition and exercise), and keep yourself surrounded with others trying to achieve similar goals, then you will more often than not, get the results you are looking for. Tarrah approached me so I could help her improve her fitness and lose a considerable amount of weight. I was unable to train her personally due to time restrictions and location, so we decided to conduct the training on a remote basis, with the focus being on mindset and support, over exercise and nutrition. The reason for this? Tarrah had not been able to stick to any fitness related goals for over a decade, and the problem was not her nutrition or training, instead it was her mindset to make it sustainable. I taught everything she needed to know about making the correct food choices, and the ideal exercise plan that worked for her, but once she was versed in these areas, it was more about keeping her on track. We started by developing her goals, breaking them down into mini milestones, and making them easily achievable. Our first goal was to lose 10kg over 20 weeks… or 500g per week. Easily achievable and that was smashed in 12 weeks!! Solid work tarsy! […]

The Bondi HIIT Workout of the month

The Bondi HIIT Workout of the month is all about metabolic conditioning, working your muscles, and your cardio-vascular system at the same time, for maximum fat-burning effect. This week you will require a set of dumbbells for the workout. We are going to target every single muscle group, get a solid sweat on, and have you gasping for more. The style of workout for the Bondi HIIT workout is known under in the fitness industry as ‘complexes,’ whereby a single weight is used, to complete a certain number of reps, before moving onto the next exercise, in quick succession, and no rest. We rest when we’re dead… well no, that’s a bit much.. take 2 minutes after you finish the program, and repeat. finish off 3-5 rounds depending on your level of fitness. Complete a full warm-up before starting complexes program. If you are interested to know a great, full-body warm-up, click here, and read the first section of the blog, regarding your warm up. How do you pick the correct weight. Find a set of dumbbells that will allow you to complete 15 shoulder presses – just… You must complete 15 reps of each exercise before moving onto the next. Some are going to be easier than others… For this reason, keep moving, no stopping, not until the end. The round, (remember 15 reps each station) squats (holding the dumbbells at shoulder height) Push press lunges (15 each leg) deadlifts bent rows push ups Renegade rows   That will sought you […]

Bodyweight Workout of the Month

 Bodyweight Workout of the Month Here’s a workout I completed this morning with some of our members of our group training class in Bellevue Hill. It is designed to elevate your heart-rate, work every muscle in your body, in a progressive fashion… meaning a fluid movement from one exercise into the next. You need zero equipment, and only a small area. You decide if you do it in the park, or in your lounge-room. Program includes warm-up, not cooldown. We call it the ’20minute-body-progression-HIIT-supreme’. Pretty creative I think. You’ll need a timer for the bulk of the workout. I have an easy to use, free, effective timer, simply called ‘timer,’ by Make sure you set the timer up correctly after your warm-up and before you start the program. Warm up: 10 star jumps, 10 depth squats, 10 toe touches/overhead reach combo, 10 high knees, 5 walkouts, 5 cobra/child pose combo. 20 star jumps, 20 depth squats, 20 toe touches/overhead reach combo, 20 high knees, 10 walkouts, 10 cobra/child pose combo.   Program: Set timer: work 60 seconds. Rest 0 seconds. 16 rounds. 1 cycle. do not progress to the next exercise before the timer beeps. * Commando roll is extremely quick and done to get you into position for your next exercise. Start by laying face down. Start timer.   Push-ups (full body or on your knees) Quick commando roll left Crunches Quick commando roll right Plank Quick commando roll left Hip thrusts (single leg if you can handle it, […]

Testimonial of the year 18kg dropped

Testimonial of the year 18kg dropped Please meet and congratulate this hunk of a man, Mr Beau Jones, a professional photographer and the best damn manny in the Eastern Suburbs. He might be a big lad but he is a puppy dog at heart. Beau and I first met about 3 ½ years ago and I helped him get into shape for his wedding, to whom he married the divine Mrs Ali Jones. Forward 3 years and Beau sees a photo of himself emerging from the surf. All the partying, junk food, and lack of exercising caused him to put on some considerable weight. It was such a gradual thing that it took THAT photo for him to realise how far he had fallen. Well that photo flicked a switch in Beau’s head, and he made a conscious decision right then and there that he’d had enough! He made contact once again and he and his wife Ali joined the BodyTech small group training program. Kudos to Ali also who is looking amazing!! So Beau has dropped 18kg since the start of January. It takes intense training, clean eating, hard work, determination, and a positive mindset to achieve what he has achieved, so well done brother!! So where to next for the bear of bondi?? Another 10kg of bodyfat so that rippling 6 pack can strut its stuff on the beach and a bit of muscle for next footy season. If you are in a similar position and just need […]

Top 5 Exercise Mistakes

Top 5 exercise mistakes. The most common mistakes we make in the gym and how to correct them.   We are about to experience the shortest day of the year. It happens this week. Myself and my group of winter warriors were looking out over Easts Rugby Oval this morning, from the comfort of the “Shred Shed,” and noticed how dark and cold it was in comparison to just a few weeks ago. It got me thinking. It’s hard enough to exercise when it’s cold and dark, so if you’re brave enough to do it, make sure you’re doing it right! So todays blog is all about highlighting the top 5 exercise mistakes, and making sure you don’t fall for them! Time wasting. Its an obvious one but if you’re heading to the gym it’s easy to procrastinate. Rock up to the gym, take your sweet time getting changed, wander around the gym trying to figure out what to do, make a phone call… or two, then switch from one station to the next… and like that your gym sessions is over, and you’ve hardly broken a sweat. We are all guilty of procrastinating when it comes to exercise but just remind yourself: the hardest part was getting to the gym.. now focus and get in as much exercise as possible in the little time you have. Effort. Similarly to time wasting, its very easy to put in a subpar performance when exercising. Why do we sabotage ourselves like this?? i know I am guilty of it from […]

Fitness Testing

Fitness Testing: Want to know where your strengths and weaknesses lie? Want to know how your fitness level compares to the rest of the world? Below is a simple fitness test that will determine your cardiovascular and muscular strength. THE TEST: 1. THE BEEP TEST: Firstly download a beep test app, there are plenty of them around, and many are free. The shuttle distance is 20m. For the best estimate, find a cricket pitch in your local park and run between the batting creases (closest creases to one another). This is approximately 18m so be sure to pass both feet over the crease before turning around and completing your next shuttle. Follow the commands on the beep test app for simplicity. This is a test of cardiovascular strength. 2. PLANK: the plank test is very straightforward. Start a timer, hold yourself in the plank position, and hold it for as long as you can. If your body starts to dip or you have any pain in your lower back the test is over. This is a test of core strength. 3. AIR SQUATS: air squats are simply squats with a very slight upward jump. Your feet need not leave the ground but emphasises the need to drive upward with power. Release downard into the squat with full control. Set a timer for 1 minute and complete as many reps in that minute as possible. This is a test of leg strength. 4. PUSH UPS: Start by laying front down on the floor. Place your […]

Likely Fitness Trends in 2015

Likely Fitness Trends in 2015. 2014 saw the rise of some fitness programs that swept our fitnation. There was a huge surge in team based functional training with one big player taking a stronghold in the movement. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and tabata were both relatively obscure training protocols until they both hit the big leagues in 2014. So what about 2015?? What should we expect to see? Wearable tech In recent years social media has given the everyday person access to a plethora of training styles, meal ideas, knowledge and motivation. This has empowered us with a greater, deeper understanding of health and fitness than ever before. Unfortunately with this comes confusion. One publication swears by a certain training protocol, or particular nutrition plan, whilst another completely conflicts the others point of view. So who is correct??? The answer: neither, both, a mix of the two – or several. Fortunately 2015 is the year where we begin to grasp a much greater understanding of our individual needs, and what is happening “under the bonnet.” Welcoming to the age of wearable tech. in the not too distant future. Contacts that will show our speed, distance, heart rate, all in our peripherals as we run. Awesome! Don’t get me wrong, devices such as heart rate monitors have been around for years, but usually reserved for the professionals/athletes who know how to use them and assess their performance. Wearable tech provides simple, attractive interfaces that make the process easy for anyone to assess [...]

Healthy Christmas Cake

The festive season is in full swing and it is a time to rejoice, laugh, love, and indulge. Many people ask me, “So what are you going to eat over the festive break.” My answer for this, and most other milestones/celebrations is, “Life is too short to restrict everything at all times. If you’ve been exercising hard, staying healthy and keeping a watchful eye on your nutrition, then you have earned the right to indulge. Don’t think about it too much and enjoy.” With that, it is not a green light to go crazy. By all means don’t think too much about what you eat or drink and don’t feel guilty about it… but don’t go and stuff yourself with 360 days of missed TimTams. Given its the festive season I thought i’d give you a little recipe that comes straight from our friends at Here is a healthy version of Christmas Cake (well as healthy as christmas cake can be!) There is nothing more satisfying than baking your own cakes, puddings and biscuits for Christmas.  Around this time of year I’m in my kitchen a little bit more than usual baking cakes and cookies and packaging them up as presents for friends and family.  This is an extremely delicious and simple Christmas cake to make. It’s a part of my great Aunty’s recipe file along with other yummy healthy treats. This is a dense and moist fruit cake with a high ratio of fruit, which means I don’t need […]